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Getting The Most Out Of This Fatherhood Fellowship Study
July 14, 2016

Welcome of this Fatherhood Fellowship Study!
The whole study comprises of three six-week series. We hope that you will benefit greatly from each of the six week meetings that make up each series. We pray that each of the meetings will help you and your fellow fathers to grow as dads, as husbands and as men. We will be using the award-winning, national bestseller Be A Better Dad Today (BBDT) as our text … but that is not what is most important. What is most important is that you – and your fellow fathers – come ready to share openly, to pray for each other sincerely and to encourage one another heartily. Great things happen when men get together just to do that.
Ideally, fellowship groups should have six to twelve men – but the final number of your group is up to you all.  Maybe you were invited – or maybe you initiated the idea. Either way, thank you for your interest in becoming a stronger man, a great father and an even better husband. Dads helping fellow dads on their Fatherhood journeys … that is what Fatherhood Fellowships are all about. Thanks for joining us!
To get the most out of the one-hour weekly Fatherhood Fellowship meetings, please try to read the assigned chapter of BBDT at home before each meeting. Read through the specific questions for that week – and think about them deeply. Be sure to meditate on the chosen Scriptures … and think about how they apply to your life (i.e. What guidance can you derive from them?) This prep time (no more than an hour per week usually) will be the basis of a great time of interaction with your fellow fathers at the weekly meeting.
But we know fathers lead busy lives. If you cannot complete the pre-meeting study for a given week, don’t let that stop you from attending. You will still gain from hearing from other dads, sharing your experiences and exchanging ideas with each other.  And if you really enjoy and benefit from this six-week Fatherhood Fellowship, we have two more six-week programs in the works. You will find them at www.Fellowship – and each one will be structured just like this one. May you grow in wisdom, in courage, in strength and hope and love as you walk with your fellow fathers through this study. And may this enable you to be a better father, a stronger husband and a truly blessed man.