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WEEK 6: Thirty Ideas for Long-Distance Dads
July 14, 2016

Fatherhood Fellowship Six-Week Series #3
The Ten Tools of Fatherhood: The Last Four Tools and “Special Situations”
Being a good long-distance dad is just as important as being a good “regular” dad. Your kids still need your love, support and encouragement. You can give it to them, even if you aren’t physically there with them. (p. 249)
  1. Why does a long-distance dad and husband needs to be intentional about pursuing a strong relationship with his family?
  2. How can you incorporate a sense of fun and adventure into your time apart?
  3. What expressions of love and caring does each member of your family need to receive from you?
  4. What skills do you need to use and develop to share these expressions of love with your family members?
  5. What technology do you have available to communicate with your children and your wife? Who can help you create special memories or experiences for them?
  6. Considering the ages and interests of your children, which of the ideas shared on pages 251-258 would you like to try first?
The Ongoing Fatherhood Journey
By bearing the trials and burdens of life --- with God’s help and on behalf of your family --- you will become the man you were always meant to be. This is your journey of life. (p. 263)
Thank you for completing this third six-week study on fatherhood based on the bestselling book Be A Better Dad Today!