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Wedding Budget Considerations
November 21, 2016

Wedding Budget Considerations

I think every couple wants to end up in the altar, exchanging vows and planning a family ahead of them...right?

Wedding bells ringing, your family and closest people in the world all in their respective formal attire, you waiting beside the altar...and your
fiancé...on her white dress.

Lovely isn't it? But before you enjoy that moment, there's this chaotic wedding preparation where you and your
fiancé are all over the place. And then there's the budgeting. The question rises, "How do I make her dream wedding come to life?"

There is no set formula to create a budget for the wedding. Each couple must carefully consider what is best for their unique situation. I suggest that you need to begin by defining the purpose of wedding. Then let the purpose determine what to spend and who to invite. You must set aside time to co-create a FAMILY VISION with your fiancé, which includes the kind of wedding you would like to have. If you are already married, consider the following guidelines that you can share with your children and friends who plan to get married.
  1. Don't borrow money for your wedding. Spend below your means. Why be in debt after the wedding? Apply the principle of delayed gratification. Personally speaking, I would not spend more than 10% of my money just for one day of wedding. The bulk of my money should be set aside for use AFTER my wedding to build my family or for honeymoon.
  2. Don't need to show off to your invitees. Why suffer after the wedding with so many bills to pay? Pitiful is the one who need to work many hours to pay bills with no time to enjoy the love of his or her life. If I quarrel with my spouse because of money, it's not worth it! What’s wrong with a dressing ring, if you can’t afford to have a real diamond ring? Don’t let pride cause you to be in debt or get caught with financial difficulties after the wedding.
  3. Give priority to post wedding preparations.Wedding is just an occasion to make a public declaration that you have committed to a life-long partnership. If you can’t afford a lavish wedding, just have a private registration ceremony with your loved ones and close friends. Make a public announcement, “We are married” through Facebook. Post-wedding journey is a long one with many adjustments to make. That should be your primary focus. Seek mentoring from those with proven track records of successful family building.
  4. Create incomes through your wedding. If you must have a wedding, you should apply creative innovation with great value for your guests and sponsors. Think of ways that you can even create incomes through the event through donors or sponsors. Unless you are super rich, there is no need to be shy to ask for help from your friends, within their legitimate means, without putting them under undue pressure. Form a creative wedding planning team with your closed friends. You will be surprised with the ideas that will be generated.
  5. Invest into your future. Go beyond just a once-off pre-marital counselling course. Don't put so much emphasis on your wedding that you neglect planning for a sustainable family life with your spouse.
The above guidelines are not rules neither commands to be obeyed. But I think if you take heed to my advice, you will do better in your marriage after the wedding.

Dr. Peter Ting