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Alone With My Wife
January 23, 2017

Alone With My Wife
by Steven

Michelle and I were in Koh Samui last week. We stayed in a one-bedroom villa surrounded by lush greenery. This villa is just 50m from the beach. A long stretch of restaurants and local shops lined the small beach road just 100m from our villa.


Koh Samui offers much more than just beaches. The tourist information pamphlet we collected from the airport touted many attractions; there are plenty to do. But Michelle and I considered them as distractions as we had planned to spend time only with each other.


Over the four days, we did not do anything that a tourist would normally do. We simply spent time with one another, mostly in the villa. We talked, we sought God, and we went to the gym and exercised together. We had long breakfast, romantic dinners, and we simply stared into each other’s eyes ... and talked some more.


As I was pondering what to write for this posting, the thought that struck me - how is it that after more than 31 years together, we still have lots to talk about, why are we not sick of spending private time together and how can we do absolutely nothing together?


And as we enjoy our blissful fellowship with each other, Michelle and I realized that this is what God had designed marriage for in the first place - deep fellowship resulting in great companionship.


Knowingly or not, we married each other to fulfill these two desires. We are glad that these are both vividly present in our phase of life now. However, these are not gifted to us on our wedding day. It took us many years and lots of deliberate effort to be where we are today. And we are thankful to God for helping us to reach this stage.


There is no more that is needed to be said. It simply boils down to a choice for a couple. A choice of wanting or not, to work on building their relationship through constant fellowship with each other. We did and it is working wonders for us. We are absolutely in love with each other over and over again.


Michelle and I prayed to God that many more couples would enjoy this as well.


Great lovers deliberately choose to be so. 


Choose well my friends!