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Nourish Daily
April 24, 2017

Nourish Daily

You’ve been raised on the Message of the faith and have followed sound teaching. Now pass on this counsel to the followers of Jesus there, and you’ll be a good servant of Jesus.
1 Timothy 4:6

"A man's reading programme should be as carefully planned as his daily diet, for that too is food, without which he cannot grow mentally." -Andrew Carnegie

Prayer for the day:

Lord, thank you for your Word that brings faith to my heart and gives me the ability to trust you. Thank you for making my way prosperous and fill my life with success. Give me the grace to be both a doer and a keeper of your Word. Let me become known for my compassion as a follower of Jesus. Teach me to serve others as you serve. Help me to practice the act of forgiving others as Christ forgave me. Humble me and shape me to put others first before myself. Thank you for hearing my prayer. In Jesus' name, Amen.