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Things Your Father Does For You
April 4, 2017

Things Your Father Does For You


Ever faced a scary situation and the first name that comes out of your mouth is "Mama?" Or you came home from work and even though you need nothing, the first person you look for is your mom? 

While it is very comforting to have your mom beside you when growing up, your father also plays a vital role in your childhood development which can’t be done by anyone. Fathers are equally important as mothers, not because they are the "financial provider" but because they are more than that. Check out some of the things your father does for you:

1. He Recount on You 

He recounts you many stories for several years. He recounts how he met your mother, how their love story started, how your mom courted him (they also like to tell it this way) and how he was so happy when you were born.

2. He Cares for You

When you were a baby, though tired from the day's work, he gets up late night to attend to your cries. He feeds you, changes your diaper, wipes your mouth and clean potty session.

3. He Teaches You

He taught you how to protect yourself. He opens your eyes to take responsibilities and act responsibly.

4. He Acts as the Role Model

If you are a girl, he treats you (and your mom) the way he wanted you to be treated by other man. If you are a guy, he shows you how to treat other girls properly by treating your mom with respect. 

5. He Shows Unconditional Love

He also shows his unconditional love for you and your mother and guides you to become the best life partner in the future.

6. He Completes Your Wishes

He maybe a spoiler but he tries to give your wishes no matter how difficult they are. 

7. He Reads Comics with You

Your Mom may have introduced books to you, but he added some twist by showing you what a comics look like. What was your favorite superhero? 

8. He Gives You an Instant Ride on His Back

Remember when you were so tired of walking or wanted to see something but you lack the height? He was there to give you the VIP pass. 


9. He is Your First Coach

He taught you how to play hide and seek and also couched you in sports, games and adventures.

10. He Makes You Disciplined 

Disciplinarian as he is, but he is doing it out of love and wanted you to grow up knowing what is right and wrong. 

11. He Encourage You to have Courage

He was the one who gave you the advice that if anyone touch you and fight you, learn to fight back, not because he wanted you to be a troublemaker but because he wanted you to be strong and courageous. He also gives you a note to call him when someone bullies you and he will not be afraid to fight for you. 

12. He is a Helping Hand

He is always ready to help you. How many doors in your house has he fixed? How many light bulbs has he replaced? 

13. He is Your Silent Cheerleader

He is a proud Daddy. He may be reserved in cheering for you in public but deep within, he is a proud daddy shouting, "That's my son/daughter! Yep, s/he's my child!"


14. He is Your Buddy. 

A partner in crime who always hide something from Mommy. He teaches you a little prank just to add color to life. 

15. He Guides You your Whole Life

He is that one man who always believes in you, guides you to see life and love life and do something better.

We only have one earthly father. Never miss an opportunity to thank your dad for being all out, though restrained at times, but he never left your side. He is that supporting actor in your life ever since childhood (your mom too).