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Victor Not Victim
June 6, 2017

Victor Not Victim


With flattery he will corrupt those who have violated the covenant, but the people who know their God will display strength and take action.
Daniel 11:32

"Three ideas are contained in this verse. There is the thought of knowing God, being strong and doing exploits. God’s people are characterised by what they know, what they are and what they do. Christians are different from worldly and unconverted people in these three respects – in the matter of knowing, being and doing. These three characteristics of the child of God are related, for only as we know God can we be strong; and only as we are strong can we undertake exploits in the name of the Lord."
Prayer for the day:

Lord, you are the Master and Creator of the universe. I am honoured and privileged that I can know you personally and intimately by my daily meditation of your words. You have promised that the people who know you will be strong and do great exploits through you. Thank you for strengthening me with your power that enables me to see problems as opportunities to witness for your glory. Thank you for holding me with your strong arm and giving me victory over every weakness and problem in my life. I am confident that nothing shall be able to separate me from your love. I am a victor and not victim of circumstances. I will be steadfast, unshakable, and press on to do great exploits in Jesus' name. Amen.