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Travelling with Children
November 14, 2018

Travelling with Children GWS

It is a wonderful experience to travel with our children. It broadens their understanding and helps them understand our world. Family travel can also be an excellent bonding experience, bringing the whole family together through shared experiences and fun times.
But travelling with kids can also be (super) stressful. We have all experienced the crying baby that Mom just can’t quiet on the airplane or the (very) badly behaved teen who embarrasses his entire family at the restaurant.
How can we avoid travel disasters with our own family? And how can we ensure that each family trip is a blessing and a educational experience? Here are three tried and true ideas that have worked well for my family as we travelled with our four children all over the USA and around the world:
  1. Plan the trip with your children’s ages and maturity in mind. Taking a very young child on an around the world trip or on an African safari is not a good idea. S/he won’t understand anything but will for sure be stressed and anxious (and probably fall ill) on the journey. Better to do a short, simple trip via car to a local tourist attraction. Much easier and more enjoyable for everyone and your young child will understand and learn more.
  1. Get your kids involved in planning the trip. When your children are a bit older, it is a great idea to involve them in planning the trip in advance. Let them know where you all will be going (or even give them a vote in determining the destination). Have them research the destination and figure out some of the best activities for the family to do there. You can even ask them to research the history of the destination and teach the whole family about it. That can be a lot of fun for the kids – and help them learn a great deal as well.
  1. Make sure you have a good mix of learning and fun on every family trip. It’s great to have fun together (maybe going to an Amusement Park or the like) but it’s also important to learn together (maybe going to a local museum or historic fort or church or temple). This mix of fun and learning activities will help make it a truly great trip…and ensure that you have great family memories.
Our kids are (almost) all grown up now. But we have lots and lots and lots of great memories of family vacations together. Start building those great memories with your family. It’s a lot of fun, it will help your children better understand our world, and it will (if properly planned and executed) make you a closer and happier family too.
Happy Travels!!!